About us

Our story

We started our project back in July 2016 when Benjamin outlined the first draft of a new Wikibook about information security (InfoSec) for private individuals. Back then, he already worked for a security-sensitive European government agency for several years.

Two months later, Benjamin started his own microblog on Diaspora to regularly publish short articles and InfoSec news. In January 2017, he registered a new domain and created his own blog since Diaspora didn’t allow its users to update any published content. At that time, more than 300 accounts followed his microblog on Diaspora.

In April 2017, Jakub decided to join our project. He never blogged before but liked the idea to share his knowledge about applied information security. About one month later, we started to publish German and Czech InfoSec articles.

By the end of 2017, Thorsten joined our project. Previously, he wrote articles for a privacy-focused blog in Germany. We decided to rename our project in order to become more international since all authors are from different European countries. This step resulted in changing the language of our blog from German/Czech to English in March 2018. Since then, Verena helps to visually upgrade our blog.

As of December 2018, more than 600 accounts follow us on Mastodon while several thousand people return to read about and discuss InfoSec topics every week.

Our mission

  • share knowledge about applied information security, data protection and privacy for free
  • encourage discussions about information security and raise awareness of threats to your security
  • do not promote things based on hearsay, assumptions, or sponsoring
  • predominantly address private users who want to learn fundamentals of information security

Our wish

There are different opinions about services, hardware, software and practices. For instance, some people are convinced that everything they use must be non-US-American, open source software, decentralized, federated and run on open hardware. That’s perfectly fine with us. However, we reject the idea of telling others that their behavior is wrong only due to ideological beliefs. The “moral pointing finger” is a really bad idea.

So, feel free to report any errors and provide facts, but please don’t tell us what we should tell our readers. Thank you very much.

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All contributors are either professionals with several years of work experience in information security or enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with you for free.


Jakub holds a Master of Information Technology Security degree, in addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (Computer Systems and Data Processing). He currently works as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst for a Czech company. He operates infosec-handbook.eu and frequently provides ideas and InfoSec practical knowledge.


Benjamin, an ICS/OT security consultant is experienced in counseling companies of the beverage and liquid food sector. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Until graduation, he worked for an internal information security department with the focus on information security awareness. Benjamin’s experience includes the areas of network security, network-level anomaly detection, and visualization of security-relevant information using graph databases.


Thorsten is passionate about helping like-minded as well as non-technical people when it comes to privacy and data protection. He holds a degree in Information Technology. Thorsten is known for his privacy-related articles and easy to understand tutorials in German which he publishes on free and open social networks.


Verena liked the idea of our free information security blog and decided to create several icons for us. Moreover, she provides pictures for our blog.