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infosec-handbook.eu and its predecessors were brought into being in October 2016. Since then our project aims to share knowledge about information security and data protection for free.

We want to encourage discussions about information security and raise awareness of threats to your security. Our articles address predominantly private users who want to learn fundamentals of information security. We do not promote any commercial security products or bloggers who squeeze money out of you.

We love technology, facts and cultural networking. We hate conspiracy theories, racism and nutjobs. We endorse an open-minded discussion culture.


All contributors are either professionals with several years of experience in information security or enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with you for free.


BSc Computer Science (Computer Systems and Data Processing), takes his Master’s in Information Technology Security. Frequent provider of ideas and practical knowledge in information security. He operates infosec-handbook.eu.


BSc Computer Science (focus on industrial network security), Junior Consultant Industrial Cyber Security, Wikipedia contributor for 10+ years. He currently plays with Python and Neo4j to detect and visualize anomalies and security issues in industrial networks.


Degree in Information Technology, security and privacy enthusiast. He is known for his privacy-related articles and easy to understand tutorials in German.


Fan of infosec-handbook.eu. She provided several icons and images for our blog.

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