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Changes on September 18, 2020

  • Introduced the HTML tag dfn for definitions on the Glossary page.
  • Removed trailing newlines in shortcode files that resulted in trailing whitespaces.

Changes on August 22, 2020

  • Introduced the HTML tags kbd and samp instead of code. User input is now formatted as kbd, and system output as samp. code is only used for actual code.

Changes on August 01, 2020

  • Added News section.

Changes on July 26, 2020

  • Enabled experimental Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy header.
  • Removed unsupported Permissions-Policy.

Changes on May 28, 2020

  • Removed experimental dat support.
  • Changed Feature Policy header to Permissions Policy header.

Changes on May 16, 2020

  • Spring cleaning, part 1: Removed our accounts on GitLab, Threema, Keybase, and Session.
  • Updated the pages “About us”, “Support us”, “Recommendations”, and “Security and disclosure policy”.
  • Updated the formatting of the “Changelog” page. (This change does not affect the corresponding RSS feed.)

Changes on March 22, 2020

  • Added mirror for retrieving the current OpenPGP key.
  • Updated security.txt to draft 09.

Changes on December 08, 2019

  • Changed styles, content and layout to comply with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1).
  • Improved alt texts of images.
  • Fixed several broken links that changed due to the new Goldmark parser of Hugo.
  • Added a sitemap.

Changes on December 07, 2019

  • Removed inline HTML from markdown files to allow safe rendering using Goldmark.
  • Switched from notice to noticebox shortcode to remove inline HTML.
  • Changed img/webimg/picture shortcodes to absolute file paths.
  • Added link to mirror on
  • Added information regarding mirrors (privacy and security policy).

Changes on November 28, 2019

  • Switched to Markdown handler Goldmark. Due to this, we also re-enabled automatic TOC rendering, and changed some HTML/Markdown code.

Changes on November 23, 2019

  • Migrated account to after the instance admin announced that will be shut down in February 2020.

Changes on November 17, 2019

  • Git commits are now signed using the OpenPGP key 69EB4B52530892602DEC941AE0DE2D86B36A45E0 (valid until 2020-11-16).
  • Added ways to support InfoSec Handbook.

Changes on November 05, 2019

  • Added links to full changelog (privacy policy, security/disclosure policy).
  • Updated privacy policy (better readability).
  • Updated security policy (transparency statement).
  • Updated disclosure policy (details regarding processes and payment).

Changes on October 20, 2019

  • Moved blog content repo from GitHub to

Changes on September 18, 2019

  • Moved the blog content to its own Git repository.
  • Added smooth scrolling.
  • Added new style for contact page.
  • Added several alternative possibilities for contacting ISH.
  • Changed select color to blog style.

Changes on August 09, 2019

  • Added a CSS-based workaround to fix Chroma-based syntax highlighting in Chrome/Chromium/Edge etc. This is a bug in Hugo/Chroma.

Changes on August 02, 2019

  • Added 4 tools to the terminal tips page (cheat, curl, subnetcalc, zmap).
  • Updated 1 tool on the terminal tips page (openssl).

Changes on July 07, 2019

  • Added disclosure policy and bug bounty program.

Changes on June 21, 2019

  • Switched to a new server.
  • Switched to nginx web server.
  • Enabled support for TLS 1.3.
  • Enabled several new security features.

Changes on June 14, 2019

  • Updated the “About us” page.

Changes on May 09, 2019

  • Updated the number of corporate networks.
  • Fixed formatting and links in notice boxes.
  • Fixed mentioning of Curve25519.
  • Added notice boxes to several articles.

Changes on March 10, 2019

  • Added 2 entries to the glossary.
  • Added context-aware CSS loading, and shortcode for note boxes.
  • Added WebP support for PNG files (except if loaded via CSS).
  • Added on GitHub.

Changes on February 17, 2019

  • Marked external links using extlink shortcode.
  • Added OpenPGP key creation guide to terminal tips.

Changes on February 09, 2019

Changes on January 26, 2019

  • Improved CSS (reduced file size by 5kB).
  • Minor layout changes.

Changes on January 23, 2019

  • Fixed RSS feed error (Entity ‘rsquo’ not defined) for Chrome, Chromium, and spaRSS users.

Changes on January 21, 2019

  • Migrated development backend from Keybase Git to GitHub.
  • Compressed font file (again). Initial page size reduced to about 31kB.
  • Compressed all PNG files using a new algorithm.
  • Removed unused HTML tags.

Changes on January 14, 2019

  • Updated our security.txt to draft 05.

Changes on January 07, 2019

  • Added experimental full-text RSS feed.

Changes on December 15, 2018

  • Updated favicons.
  • Added fields.
  • Added og graph fields.
  • Removed unused images.
  • Removed unused CSS.
  • Fixed HTML code (h1, h2).
  • Added ‘feeds and social media’ header.
  • Added ‘latest articles’ header.
  • Updated ‘new and updated articles’ header.
  • Sidebar shows new and recently updated articles now.
  • Updated security.txt.sig.

Changes on December 11, 2018

  • Updated Webbkoll information on several pages.
  • Updated OpenPGP key.
  • Changed e-mail address (this is the same provider as before, however, the domain is shorter).

Changes on November 30, 2018

  • Fixed .Lastmod fields.
  • Changed tag.

Changes on November 25, 2018

  • Added code highlighting.
  • Added experimental dat support.
  • Changed templates for dat.

Changes on November 24, 2018

  • Added 2 entries to the glossary.
  • Changed CSS for code and highlighted code.
  • Removed Chroma style in CSS.

Changes on November 17, 2018

  • Added 5 entries to the glossary, updated 5 entries.
  • Added ‘updated’ indicator (sidebar, article lists).
  • Updated theme (removed .Data, added some additional itemprops).

Changes on November 11, 2018

  • Added NEL and Report-To headers.
  • Readded Mastodon boxes.
  • Updated CSP.
  • Updated “About us” page.
  • Enabled IPv6 support for the blog.
  • Minor CSS changes.

Changes on November 05, 2018

  • Mastodon: Verified all links on the account page.
  • Mastodon: Updated the contact link.

Changes on November 04, 2018

  • Added 17 new glossary entries.
  • Added the centralized contact page.
  • Added recommendations for operating systems.
  • Added a centralized copyright page.
  • Removed contact details from all other pages.
  • Updated our security page, privacy policy and “about us.”
  • Updated the RSS/Atom feed page.
  • Updated the security.txt signature.
  • Minor theme changes.
  • Revised all blog articles (see changelog of every article).

Changes on October 21, 2018

  • Added U2F, WebAuthn, FIDO2 to glossary.
  • Added our official Reddit account.

Changes on September 27, 2018

  • Updated our OpenPGP key.
  • Added 7 new glossary entries.

Changes on August 25, 2018

  • Added Web server security pages.
  • Changed CSS (minor tweaks).

Changes on August 23, 2018

  • Automatically generated “See also” section on each article page.
  • New shortcode for images added, changed all images accordingly.
  • Added CSS for figure and figcaption.
  • Fonts are a little bit larger now.

Changes on August 17, 2018

Changes on August 10, 2018

  • Changed relref page references to ref (Hugo 0.45 change).
  • Updated About page.
  • Added contributor Verena.

Changes on July 16, 2018

Changes on May 26, 2018

  • We are now supporting Brotli compression.

Changes on May 16, 2018

  • Changed en-dashes (–) to em-dashes (—).
  • Privacy policy: Added information about corporate IP addresses plus User-Agents and improved readability.

Changes on May 10, 2018

Changes on May 8, 2018

  • Added Chroma-based syntax highlighting.

Changes on May 1, 2018

  • Added CAA, DNSSEC, CSP to the glossary.
  • Slightly increased the default font size.

Changes on April 3, 2018

  • Enabled Certificate Transparency for both certificates.

Changes on March 25, 2018

  • Moved content of previous website to the new one.

175 changes before March 25, 2018 aren’t listed.