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If you voluntarily e-mail us, you consent that our mail provider processes your personal data. Please read our privacy policy (the “Tutao GmbH” section).

We do not use any other e-mail addresses.

Encrypted e-mail

If you know how to use GnuPG (or compatible implementations of OpenPGP), use our public OpenPGP key to encrypt the content of your e-mail. You don’t need to sign your e-mails, so you don’t have to create an OpenPGP key to communicate with us. If you want to get encrypted replies, please provide your public OpenPGP key or fingerprint. Have a look at our short guide to create a modern Curve25519 key.

The current fingerprint of our public OpenPGP key is:

valid fromvalid toFingerprint/Key ID
2020-11-272021-02-27EC90 12A6 A133 A535 A776 4A97 484C F313 4F43 716B

You can also use curl (or similar tools) to download our key:

  • curl | gpg --import (direct download)
  • curl | gpg --import ( mirror)

Expired or revoked OpenPGP keys

To reduce risks of long-lived OpenPGP keys circulating on the internet, we regularly renew our key. The table below lists expired and revoked keys.

valid fromvalid toFingerprint/Key ID
2020-09-032020-12-03980B A1DE 6ADA D6C6 4A6F EE7C 25A5 9B1C A3CA 30F7
2020-06-132020-09-1398EA 019B C2BB F8A8 AB88 53D2 4AAF CD54 71C5 A8E6
2020-03-202020-06-22B372 4DF5 F610 D8B6 3974 922A 0329 34A0 5D11 D587
2019-12-302020-03-304808 D6CD 65D6 A23E DE3D 7143 8F26 DC6C D8AB B20C
2019-08-292019-12-31F8CE AD90 8841 1EBE 722C 347A 3179 E817 703F 5D25
2019-08-222019-10-31F6FB F3E9 9DC0 FD3E FE45 BEDC 6B68 98C3 32D1 70F7
2019-05-262019-08-24FE38 23F5 7A02 600E F080 9E58 BCF4 BFD9 4ABF F017
2019-03-032019-06-011C3D DFF7 2961 7BFC 7544 3E3B E545 30DB 4072 2A8A
2018-12-112019-03-114726 F48E 5607 B8A6 06CA F4F9 09D3 4CFA C102 617D
2018-09-252018-12-24ED21 9FFD 58F0 B467 223A 6312 D9FE 497B B424 11ED
2018-06-122018-09-10708C A4E3 8A9B E257 748D 01C9 172B AD3E 40AA EA08