Main contributors

Jakub, M.Sc. (Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, 15+ years experience in the industry)

Jakub works as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst for a Czech company in Prague. He operates and frequently provides ideas and practical threat hunting knowledge. During leisure time, he cares for his children, wanders through Czech woods, or goes fishing.

Benjamin, B.Sc. (Cyber Security Consultant, 10+ years experience in the industry)

Benjamin is a Cyber Security Consultant for ICS and OT. He counsels companies of the beverage and liquid food sector, including critical infrastructure. He worked for an internal information security department with a focus on information security awareness and a security-sensitive European government organization for years. Benjamin’s experience includes network security, network-level anomaly detection, and visualization of security-relevant information using graph databases. He likes traveling, hiking, and contributing to Wikipedia.

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Additional contributors

Verena, M.Sc.

Verena likes the idea of our free InfoSec Handbook and creates different media files for us. She is snap-happy and loves creative activities.