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  • Revoked Creative Commons license: In 2017, we published several German and Czech articles under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 AT license. According to the license, we can’t revoke it as long as the license terms are followed. However, at least one German blogger repeatedly violated all of the three license terms by not giving appropriate credit, using the articles for commercial purposes and modifying the articles without distributing them under the same license as the original. Violating the license terms results in automatic termination of the license agreement. This blogger refused to remove our articles and spread fake news about us afterwards. Consequently, we decided to refuse further cooperation and removed our CC-licensed articles. To this day, this blogger copies parts of our content, translates these parts and writes new articles, series of articles or microblog news based on our content. This is not only pitiful but bad for all honest bloggers who had the chance to republish our content under the CC license.
  • Please do not use any content of our website without the prior written consent of us.

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