Firefox 80: Improved HTTPS-Only settings

In Firefox 76, Mozilla added an experimental HTTPS-Only Mode that could replace add-ons like HTTPS Everywhere.

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You can go to about:config and set “” to True. If you try to open an HTTP-only website, Firefox shows a warning message that no HTTPS is available.

In Firefox 80, released a short while ago, Mozilla introduced a new setting called “browser.preferences.exposeHTTPSOnly.” After setting it to True, you will see new settings in the preferences of Firefox. The HTTPS-Only Mode lets you enable in all windows, only in private windows, or disable it entirely.

An image showing the HTTPS-Only Mode settings in Firefox 80.
The new HTTPS-Only Mode in the Firefox settings (🔍 Zoom in)

In Firefox 83, Mozilla officially released the feature for everybody: Firefox 83 introduces HTTPS-Only Modeexternal link.

If a website only supports HTTP, you can temporarily or permanently add the website to a list of exceptions. For the exceptions, the global settings of the HTTPS-Only Mode are ignored.


  • Nov 18, 2020: Added information about the final feature release.

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