The 2020 European Cyber Security Month is here

Each October, Europe “celebrates” the European Cyber Security Month. The ECSM aims to increase awareness of information security. Numerous organizations host activities to achieve this goal.

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2020 Topics

This year’s ECSM focuses on:

  • Week 1 & 2: October 1-16 - Cyber Scams
  • Week 3 & 4: Oct. 17-31 - Digital Skills

Our participation

This year, we participate again:

  • On, we publish awareness posts. Read our 2019 ECSM posts here.
  • Beginning on October 21, the Syskron Security CTF returns. The Capture The Flag event features 20 real-world security challenges that focus on industrial security (aka OT security). The CTF is free and open for everybody interested in solving security challenges; no user tracking is included.
  • Some of our contributors conduct remote workshops in small groups to share information security knowledge, especially technical insights. The workshops are invite-only.

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