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On contacting us, and subscribing to our RSS feed

When you can e-mail us

This year, we received an overwhelming number of e-mails, including questions about our content, requests to update or write new content, and some general suggestions. However, we also got a considerable number of e-mails in the style of “I want to buy your domain name,” “here is a job for you,” “rate my setup,” “do my homework,” “promote my blog,” “post my article,” “pentest my service,” “rate this product,” etc.

As stated on our Contact page, please contact us when our content is unclear or outdated. You can even go to codeberg.orgexternal link to create a new issue. We are happy to read some friendly “thank you” e-mails, too.

On the contrary, we won’t and can’t help you with any general IT requests. If you don’t know any network fundamentals, read some books, set up virtual machines, and practice. If you are stuck doing your homework, use a search engine. If you are unsure whether “your setup” is secure, understand that security isn’t a property. Besides, we won’t post any third-party articles, promote any third-party resources that we don’t know or use, or do any free security assessments.

We hope that our policy is reasonable. As we stated many times, the InfoSec Handbook is a leisure project. It is neither a company nor a for-profit organization.

A message to our RSS subscribers

According to our 2020 Fall Survey, many readers subscribed to our full-text RSS feed. While adjusting our defensive measures on our servers, we identified two issues:

  • Some RSS aggregators or self-hosted RSS readers (e.g., Nextcloud News app) still request the “changelog.xml” file. We dropped our Changelog page weeks ago in favor of the signed and exhaustive changelog on codeberg.orgexternal link. If you are still subscribed to the “changelog.xml” file, please remove it. Your reader should show a 404 error for weeks.
  • The same group of subscribers seems to check for new content aggressively. Some IP addresses request our RSS feed numerous times per minute, effectively triggering some of our denial of service detections. As it is unlikely that we publish more than one or two articles per day, please readjust the time between your requests.

Thank you very much! ☺️

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