We update our content and website

We update and restructure our content and website. Benefits for you? Up-to-date guides and knowledge, less searching, more security.

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You may know that we frequently update our articles for various reasons. For instance, detailed tutorials on configuring some software may be outdated after some time. Implementing the outdated configuration may result in insecure configuration and a false sense of security. Some of our older articles are already four years old, and don’t reflect the current situation anymore.

And, you may also know this, we use Hugo to generate our static website. Our customized Hugo theme doesn’t utilize many new features of the software, so we update our theme, too.

However, this time, we do not only update single articles one after another, but started to restructure our website and the whole content. Restructuring our website means that some content is unavailable at the moment. It also means that some links may not work anymore. The missing content will be back soon.

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