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We briefly look at USBGuard. USBGuard is a Linux-only framework that protects a system against malicious USB devices. The current version is 0.7.6, released in November 2019. USBGuard should be in the repositories of most Linux distributions. Usually, it isn’t installed since non-technical users can be confused by this tool.

Social engineering: The story of Jessika

In January 2020, we gave another lecture on social engineering and awareness at the University of Regensburg, Germany. During our interactive session, Master students had to invade the privacy of our fictional character Jessika. Each student became a social engineer for this course, and some of them managed to “hack” into Jessika’s GMX mailbox without using “hacking tools”.

This article is about becoming aware of the human factor that is crucial for information security.

Cryptography myths

Some people are convinced that applying cryptography to their product or service solves all problems regarding security and privacy. Of course, this isn’t the case as shown in this article.