How to verify encryption keys for instant messaging

Nowadays, we are using encryption on a daily basis. For instance, many instant messaging clients offer encryption, some good ones enforce it. However, one really important aspect of encryption is that you also verify the identity (keys) of your chat partners.

In this article, I show you how you can easily verify encryption keys of your friends and publish your ones using Keybase.

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Hi, I'm your insecure IP camera, broadcasting your life 24/7

Do you own one of these cheap IP cameras from the local discount store or did you buy one on Alza? Maybe you asked yourself why the camera is always looking around, autonomously moving or even making noises? It is terrifying to see how many IP cameras are actually publicly accessible by everyone around the world. Its owners don’t change default passwords, leave security configuration untouched and seem to be happy that their camera broadcasts their family room around the clock.

In this article, we show you several risks that come along with cheap IP cameras and provide tips how you can secure your device.

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Software security myths

Nowadays, everybody runs software and software gets more and more complex. Even a few lines of code can produce big security vulnerabilities which put confidential information and personal data at risk.

But there is open-source software! We actually read sometimes statements like “open-source software is more secure than proprietary software” or people see audits which were conducted three years ago as “security guarantees”. We show you why these myths are wrong.

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