XMPP: Admin-in-the-middle

Every time somebody discusses instant messaging, at least one person shows up and recommends XMPP. We talked about myths of federation last time and showed you that there are several issues with XMPP. However, some people still consider XMPP to be an extremely privacy-friendly way of messaging nowadays.

In this article, we show you the power of an XMPP server admin and encourage you to always use your own XMPP server (or switch to more secure services).

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Home network security – Part 4: Turris Omnia as an ad blocker

There seems to be an unspoken agreement when it comes to advertisements in the web browser: You can access web content for free and have to see advertisements in return. This makes sense, however, advertisements are sometimes used for malicious purposes (malvertising). Furthermore, some companies use advertisements not only for making money, but for tracking. Using the Turris Omnia as an network-level ad blocker is one of many possible solutions to block all these ads. We will show you a really easy way to configure Omnia’s ad blocking capabilities.

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