Home network security

Our special “Home network security” is about securing your network at home. While we use the Czech open-source router Turris Omnia, running Turris OS 5.2.x (released in May 2021), for some examples, you can use any OpenWrt-based router to configure your own network. Turris OS 5.2.x uses OpenWrt 19.07 under the hood.

General content

Configuring network-attached storage (NAS)

  • Turris Omnia as NAS via SMB (coming soon)
  • Turris Omnia as NAS via Nextcloud (coming soon)
  • Turris Omnia as NAS via SFTP (coming soon)

Blocking ads and unwanted content

  • Turris Omnia as an ad blocker (coming soon)

Securing your DNS service

  • Client-side DNS security features (coming soon)